Hey everyone, we’re excited to announce our upcoming scenario, The Battle of Compass Hill, is now open for registration. Head on over to compasspaintball.com for the details and to register. The scenario will feature all kinds of cool stuff, from tanks and bombs to specialized missions your team has to carry out. It’s going to be crazy. We need 40 people to register in order for us to hold the event. Registration ends on December 30th, so you’ve got time to recruit your friends.

Along with admission, you’re going to get a t-shirt from the event. Oh, and all-day air!  Get all the details on our site.

If you’ve got more questions, call Dean at  843-225-3435 or Don at 843-209-5031. Leave one of them a message and they’ll get back to you ASAP with answers.


Also, we’d like to announce some pricing changes. For Compass Paintball members, admission will remain at $6.00, but for non-members, the admission price will be $8.00. We will also be offering all-day nitrogen for $10! These changes take effect immediately, so come on out on the next open day and take advantage of the new deal!

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