Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that due to the Snow Fest being reshedualed to 12 Feb 2011, the Compass will be closed on that day. My apoligies. Hopefully everyone will show up on the 26th. As for everyone that shows up for play on the 26th of Feb and the 11th of Mar, we will put there name in the hat. The name picked will win a poster signed by Hastings and a copy his new paintball video game. Also we are working on getting our next tournament posted. We are looking at a woodsball/speedball combo 3 man team pump on the 19th of March. Weather permitting, we will set up for speedball on the 26th. We are working on a new website with the church. Hopefully we will see more traffic. Also, our speedball team, Bushido, are on their way this weekend for their first tournament. Pray for them.

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