Walk-On Deal

We offer a $25 standard package for walk-on players. It includes:

  • All-day entry
  • Gear rental pack (gun, mask, air, optional body armor)
  • First bag of paintballs (contains 500)

Other Pricing

For customers who do not need our package deal, we offer the following prices for individual items:

  • All-day entry: $10
  • Gear rental pack (gun, mask, air, optional body armor): $5

We stock mid-grade paint (better than field- or recreational-grade stocked but most fields) and sell it by the box (2,000 paintballs) or bag (500 paintballs). For paint pricing, please contact us directly.

Group Rates

Special rates are available for groups and parties of 7-25 players. If you are bringing a group of 7 or more players to the Compass, you will need to book a reservation to ensure that we have the necessary gear reserved. Booking a reservation does not guarantee exclusive access to the field.

Groups of 7 or more players without a reservation may be declined at the discretion of Compass Paintball staff based on the availability of equipment and paint.

When you book your group reservation, you will be able to choose between two 3-hour time slots: 9am-noon or 1pm-4pm. Time slots can accomodate one larger reservation or two simultaenous smaller ones and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

In the table below you will find pricing information and the details of what each group package include.

Up to 10 playersUp to 20 players
10 gear rental packs20 gear rental packs
2,000 paintballs included4,000 paintballs included
Each group may add up to 5 additional players above the 10- or 20-player limit for $8 each. Groups with 16 players or more will receive the 20-player rate.

Please note that you may need to buy more paint than the starter amount included with your reservation. Additional paint can be purchased throughout the day as needed and does not need to be purchased all at once.

Booking a Group

All group reservations must be booked at least two weeks in advance. A non-refundable deposit of $50 is due within one week of registration. Failure to pay the deposit within this timeframe may result in cancellation of your reservation in order to accommodate another group. The balance for your reservation must be paid in full at the start of the day and any additional paint must be paid for at the time of receipt.

To book a group reservation, please contact us at (843) 735-9466 or send us a message on Facebook.

Group reservations do not include food or drinks, but you are welcome to bring your own, which you can keep at our shop or take to the staging area outside the field. Cakes can be stored in our drink refrigerator.