We have updated the Rules document available on our Downloads page. Please note that no rules have changed, but we have reorganized things a little bit. We removed some rules regarding night games since we do not play at night, and we consolidated similar rules into one bullet point (such as what areas you aren’t allowed to shoot). We reworded a few rules to make them shorter and clearer.

The section on penalty cards has been updated to reflect the new method that we are using to track penalties.

We also removed some gameplay rules related the Resurrection game and our Bible verse cards, since we explain these at the field when we play the game and we don’t need to have them in the Rules document. We also removed the speedball section since we are not currently running speedball.

These changes (and a few others) allowed us to get the document down from 4 pages to just 2!

The whole thing should be much more concise and easier to read now. Just to reiterate one more time: none of our rules have changed.

See you on the field soon!

Categories: Compass Paintball