Even though we’re putting a big focus on woodsball with our CPPA partnership, we’re still going to continue holding speedball events, and coming up later this year, we’ll be hosting our first such event in collaboration with our friends at the CPPA.

This 3-man speedball tournament will use a unique maze-like bunker layout. We’ll have some more details about that soon, but for now, here are the basic information about the event.

The event will be held on October 3rd and check-in will start at 8 AM. We’ll start play at 10 AM. You can save money on the entry fee by signing up early: register your team before September 5th to get in for just $45. If you sign up after September 5th, the price will be $60. Registration deadline is September 30th.

When you sign up, you can reserve your paint and get a special price: Evil for $50 per case or Premium for $45 per case. If you purchase your paint on the day of the event, those prices will increase by $5 each. This event is field paint only and all standard field rules will apply.

You can find details about the prize pack, the official rules, and more information by clicking here.

To register now: Call Don Robertson at (843) 209-5031. Please note that this is not our regular field phone number. If you would like to pay with a credit card, you will be able to do so by calling this number. You can also register online by clicking here.

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