It’s been a pleasure doing business with the Carolina Field Owners Association for the past two years. However, as of today the Compass will no longer be hosting 3-man or 5-man events.

We would like to extend our thanks to everyone at CFOA for all they’ve done for us over the years in getting these tournaments up and running, and wish the best to all of the players, fields, and staff that will begin holding tournaments again next month.

As for us, we have decided that it’s time to consider expanding in other directions and will be exploring some great ideas that we’ve wanted to put in place since we first opened in 2008. This is an exciting opportunity for us, and we hope to have more information about our plans soon.

A final note: walk-on speedball will continue to take place on our Ministry Days as usual. However, we will not be doing speedball this coming weekend. We don’t have manpower to setup the field this weekend.

This change only affects CFOA speedball tournaments.

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