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Earlier this month we announced that we were working on some exciting new plans that we wanted to unveil soon. Today, we’re pleased to announced exactly what those plans are.

Last week the Compass was voted in as the newest member field of the Christian Paintball Players Association. The CPPA is a faith-based, woodsball-focused organization with chapters in 8 states: Virginia, Ohio, Oklahoma, Maryland, Louisiana, Illinois, and Indiana. The Compass will be the South Carolina chapter.

We hope that this new partnership will allow us to focus on our first goal of reaching communities throughout the state of South Carolina. With woodsball being cheaper and more accessible than speedball for new players, our intention is to grow that side of our field and expand our ministry.

Even though the CPPA is focused on woodsball, we still plan continue to run speedball ministry days and events. We hope to see this side of our ministry grow alongside the CPPA.

We’re all very excited about this next step in advancing our ministry and hope that our players and community will benefit from the partnership.

We’ve already started planning our first events with the CPPA. Look for additional updates soon.

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