Need to get your speedball team back into fighting shape before the new CFOA tournament season starts? The Compass has you covered. This weekend (Saturday, February 14th), our speedball field will be back up and running, and you’ll be able to play on the exact layout we’ll use for our first tournament! This year, we’ll also be going back to the standard 3-man field size (75 x 150).

Need more incentive? We’ve dropped our speedball admission price to just $13. That gets you in the door, on the field, and ready to roll with all-day air. All you’ve got to buy after that is the paint.

Not into speedball? There’s something for you here, too, this weekend. As we announced over the weekend, you’ll be able to come play our brand new woodsball field for the very first time on the 14th! You can read more about the awesome new field by clicking here.

Hope to see you all here bright and early this weekend. Doors open at 9 AM!

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