As many of you have already discovered, you can save some money on your daily admission here at The Compass by taking advantage of a special offer we’re running through Groupon. There’s been a little bit of confusion about how exactly this process works, so here are some directions to help you get in on the savings.

  1. Go to our Groupon offer and select the number of passes you’d like to buy; you’ll need one pass per player that wants to use the deal; once you’ve finished the purchase process on Groupon you’ll be given a voucher number that you’ll need for the next step
  2. Go to
  3. On Paintball Promos, select “Players”
  4. Click on “Redeem Voucher”
  5. Enter the voucher number you got from Groupon and a valid email address. It’s important that you use your real email address because this is where your passes will be sent
  6. Fill in the information on the next screen (you may not see another screen asking for more information; if you don’t, just skip this step)
  7. Check your email; you should find an email from Paintball Promos that contains a PDF with your passes (you can also get the passes directly from the Paintball Promos site after filling out your information)
  8. Print out the entire attached file; it should be several pages long
  9. Bring the passes to Compass Paintball; you only need to bring the ones you plan to use, so if you bought extras you can keep them and use them at a later date

And that’s it! By using this offer, you’ll get a discount on your entry and rental fee, plus a free bag of upgraded paint!

“Upgraded paint” means one bag of whichever paint is one grade higher than the lowest-grade brand on sale that day. The specific brand name may change from week to week depending on what’s in stock.

If you forget to do steps 2-9, you can present the Groupon voucher number to us at The Compass and we can help you complete the rest of the process from a smartphone. However, this can slow things down quite a bit, so it’s preferred that you complete these steps at home beforehand.

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