As you may know, we here at The Compass have been hard at work building a second woodsball field next to our current one for quite a while now. Well, we’re pleased to announce that our work is finally finished!

New field

Starting next weekend, February 14th, our all-new woodsball field will officially open to the public.

What can you expect to find on the new field? Plenty of natural cover, for one thing. We’ve left a lot of trees, sticks, and other natural barriers in place to give the new field a completely different play-style compared to the previous one.

While there are fewer man-made bunkers on the new field, there’s one that’s particularly noteworthy. Around the middle of the field, you’ll find a big, spacious wooden fort, complete with high and low windows for defense, and nearly 360 degrees of protection from opposing fire. A small team can fit safely inside to help beat back the enemy.


Because we now have even more field space to play on, we’re going to start letting customers book parties on the same day as our usual Ministry Days. This means that you’ll now have twice as many weekends to choose from when booking your party.

Here’s how things will work:

On each Ministry Day, we’ll alternate which field we play on. One week will be the new field, and the next week will be the old field. Whichever field isn’t open the public will be available for your private party. You and your friends can have the entire field to yourself!

Even more changes

Because we just couldn’t stop there, we decided to make some important changes to our old woodsball field as well. You’ll notice that a lot of new bunkers have been added, some old ones have been removed, and several areas on the old field have been reworked to provide new shooting lanes and cover points.

But that’s not even the best part! Since our new and old fields are right next to each other, we tweaked our boundary lines on the old field, and now both woodsball fields can be optionally joined together and played as one giant L-shaped field!

Come see it for yourself

On Saturday, February 14th at 9 AM, we’ll officially open the doors on this exciting new addition to The Compass. We can’t wait to see you there!

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