After taking several months off of our regular speedball schedule to finish working on our new woodsball field, The Compass is ready to re-open for walk-on speedball! Starting this coming Saturday (November 8th) you’ll be able to come out and play speedball on any Ministry Day!

On the woodsball side of things, we’ve made significant progress toward finishing the new field and are planning to have it operational very soon. The new field will have a very different feel and play style that’s unlike our first field, with much more natural cover and fewer man-made bunkers, as well as a small fort in the center. We’ll have even more information about it soon!

We’ve got a lot of big ideas for 2015, so be sure to like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on everything we’re doing!

Now for one last little update: The Compass been listed on Google Maps for a while, but if you’re trying to find our field for the first time or you’re just not familiar with the Summerville area, you can now ask Siri or search for “paintball” in Apple Maps on your iPhone for turn-by-turn directions. We’re also hoping to be listed on Yelp in the coming weeks so you can rate and recommend The Compass to your friends!


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