There was an issue with the rankings in the CFOA 3-man tournament that was held on July 5th. One D6 team played an inelligble D5-level player. Neither CFOA nor APPA caught this before the event. The team did not try to hide this fact or mislead anyone about the player’s ranking.

According to the official CFOA rules, D6 teams may only consist of D6 players. No other classes are allowed. However, a D5 team may have one D4-level player, a D4 team may have one D3 player, and so on.

To resolve this issue, the two teams in second and third place from Saturday’s event will each receive second-place points. All other teams will be bumped up one position. CFOA and APPA are working to ensure that this does not happen again.

We hope this solution will be satisfactory for all players involved and look forward to seeing everyone at our next CFOA event on August 9th.

New D6 rankings for July 5th event:

  1. Basic Ballers
  2. Thundercats & Ninja (both teams receive 2nd-place points)
  3. Exodus
  4. Exodus Alpha
  5. Charleston Envy
  6. Charleston NV
  7. Spray Painters
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