Hi everyone,

Unfortunately we have had to cancel the final CFOA tournament of this season (scheduled for this Saturday) because we did not reach the minimum number of D5 and D6 teams required to hold the event. Some teams have contacted us after the signup deadline about registering late, and unfortunately we cannot accomodate that request. Because the Compass staff, CFOA, and the support team members who come out specifically to help with tournaments all need enough time to prepare, we cannot have teams signing up after the deadline.

We are looking forward to the Spring tournament series and encourage everyone to sign up well in advance of the events next season so that we can prevent this from happening again.

If your team paid an entry fee for the event, it will be refunded.

Because the tournament will not be held on the speedball field, we will have walk-on speedball for those who want to come out anyway. Our open-play Ministry Day will also run as scheduled for woodsball.

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