Hey everyone,

I’d like to take a minute to encourage you to sign up for our next CFOA tournament as soon as possible. We’ve always had a great turnout for these tourneys, and we’ve been thinking about ways to improve on our prize packs lately.

Unfortunately it’s hard to figure out how many teams we’ll have competing when some are waiting until the night before to sign up. To give you guys an incentive to sign up a little further in advance, we’re going to be increasing our Compass prize packs based on how many teams sign up early.

Basically the idea boils down to this: the more teams we have confirmed (and paid) for the tournament, the more money we know we have to invest in great prizes for the winners. The earlier everyone signs up, the better the prize packs will be.

The next tournament will be on Saturday October 26th. The “early signup” date for this tournament is Monday, so be sure to sign up over the weekend through the APPA website!

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