We’re excited to announce that The Compass will soon be offering parties with JT Splatmaster gear and paint.

For those who aren’t familiar, JT Splatmaster paintball gear is designed for younger players who aren’t very familiar with the sport. It provides them a great opprotunity to come get acquainted with the game using gear and paint that is specially designed for kids. The markers shoot smaller paintballs than the conventional paintball guns you’ll find in most stores, and fire them at a half the normal speed.
With JT Splatmaster, kids age 7 and up can come out and try The Compass with their parents. The standard JT Splatmaster regimen starts off with target practice to help the kids get familiar with their equipment, followed by some games against real opponents. We also hope to get the parents involved in the games so the entire family can come out and take part in the fun.
We’re still locking down the pricing for these parties, but we hope to launch the program this summer. We’ll let you know as soon as everything is finalized. We hope to see parents and kids out at the Compass soon!
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